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What are the Different Chicken Parts?

Here’s the third part of our series of posts that explains the different meat cuts. In the first two parts, we saw respectively beef and pork.

In this third part, let’s see an animal and a meat that pretty much everyone cherishes: the chicken.

Before you start reading this new post, take a moment to read the first two.

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The chicken 

There are obviously many ways to cook chicken. Whether you want to cook the wings, the thighs, the breast or the whole, everyone seems to agree on the rich taste and ubiquitous tenderness of this poultry’s meat.

But we believe that to fully understand why we love one or another part of the chicken more than another, it’s important to know where each of them comes from. This allows us to better choose the cut we want when the time comes to shop for a good chicken recipe.

schema of the chicken parts

1. Neck

We will obviously not talk about the chicken's head, so let's go right to the animal's neck. Most people throw this part out, but you could miss something if that's your case, because it's tasty, tender and it costs almost nothing. We would suggest a rillette recipe.

2. Breast

The chicken breast is of course one of the most solicited parts of poultry. It’s always tender and it can be used in various ways. Roasted, simmered, stuffed, skewered ... There seems to be no limit to the recipes that can be accomplished with chicken breasts. What a versatile cut!

Maillard chicken breast products

Boneless chicken breasts skin on with drumette, maple & chipotle seasoned

Trimmed boneless chicken breasts

Trimmed boneless natural chicken breasts

Natural chicken tournedos with bacon, maple & chipotle seasoned

Natural boneless chicken breasts skin on with drumette, maple & chipotle seasoned

Boneless antibiotic free chicken breast Greek herbs and lemon seasoned

3. Back

It might come very rare that you will find a chicken back alone. Most of the time, you will have to eat it along with a whole chicken, such as a flattened one, for example. But if you manage to get chicken back cuts, know that you can eat it boiled, roasted or even grilled.

Maillard chicken back products

Flattened chicken

Piri piri flattened chicken Portuguese style

4. Wing

This point will certainly please sports fans. Is there something better than to meet friends and eat a bunch of BBQ or Buffalo chicken wings in front of a hockey game or during the Super Bowl. Chicken wings’ reputation is well established.

The chicken wing consists of three parts. At first, there is the drumette, a little smaller than the leg’s drumstick. Then there is the wingette, which is probably everyone’s favorite. Less meaty, but the taste of crispy chicken skin is unmatched. Finally, there’s the tip of the wing. You will find this pointy one very rarely in your chicken wings package, surely because it contains much less meat than its two friends.

Maillard chicken wing products

Chicken wings BBQ marinated

Chicken wings chipotle fire marinated

5. Thigh

Chicken thighs are between the animal's leg and its tail. Slightly fatter than the breast, this chicken cut is smooth, juicy and thanks to the fat, extremely tasty. It can be eaten grilled or roasted. You will not be disappointed.

Maillard chicken thigh products 

Natural boneless skinless chicken thighs shish taouk marinade

Boneless skinless chicken thighs

Natural boneless skinless chicken thighs Greek marinade

Natural boneless skinless chicken thighs spicy BBQ marinade

Boneless skinless chicken thighs Greek marinade

Natural boneless skinless chicken thighs

Boneless skinless chicken thighs shish taouk marinade

Boneless skinless chicken thighs spicy BBQ marinade

6. Leg

Chicken leg is another favorite among foodies. It’s also fatter, unlike the breast, and it includes the bird’s whole leg. So juicy, the fat gives it a most appreciable flavor. You will salivate at the thought of any chicken leg or drumstick recipe.

Maillard chicken leg products

Chicken drumsticks maple & chipotle seasoned

Natural chicken legs with whole back removed, seasoned

Natural chicken legs with whole back removed

Natural chicken drumsticks

Natural chicken drumsticks, maple & chipotle seasoned


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