Who is Maillard?

Who is Maillard?

Your favorite online butcher does not carry the name of Maillard for nothing. In fact, it’s called this way because of one and only person. This person is a man named - you guessed it - Maillard. Louis-Camille Maillard. 

Born in 1878, in Pont-à-Mousson, in the north-east of France, Louis-Camille Maillard is a chemist and physicist, but above all, father of one of the greatest culinary discoveries in history; the Maillard reaction.

For this discovery he published in the early '10s, Maillard received several awards, including one from the French Academy of Medicine.

Son of a renowned French doctor, Arthur Maillard, the young Louis-Camille is admitted, at the age of 16, to the University of Nancy, after which he joins the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris.

In 1912, Maillard began studies on amino acids and sugars, which led to his major discovery; the Maillard reaction.


What is the Maillard reaction?

Cooking is science. The science of taste and flavors. The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction that can be observed when cooking a food, especially at high temperatures. It’s the action of sugars on proteins.

This reaction, which explains the rich and tasty aroma of grilled meat, occurs when the meat is heated to a temperature of 300˚F or higher. In the presence of sugars, the proteins are then reduced to the amino acid state which unites with the sugars to form light-reflecting ring-like structures. 

This reaction then explains the brownish hue of food when cooked at these temperatures. This process is noted on proteins such as meat, but also on other foods, such as a slice of bread when heated in the toaster, for example. In addition to browning, this Maillard reaction also brings inimitable flavors unique to grilling.

It is therefore thanks to Louis-Camille Maillard that we cook as we know it today. Things as innocuous as putting a steak on the barbecue or cooking chicken in a skillet come from this chemist. Thank you Maillard!


Maillard, online butcher

So, it's in honor of this French chemist that your favorite online butcher is so called; Maillard. 

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