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What is a Natural Meat?

Have you ever came across meats tagged as "natural"? Some of you may have wondered what these so-called "natural" meats were. What more does it have? Why does it cost more? What factors make meat qualify as natural? In short, what is natural meat?

What is a natural meat?

According to the definition, a natural food - such as meat - is a food that is unaltered by chemicals that could possibly be harmful to human and/or animal health. A natural meat will not contain any chemical food additives, whether it’s food colouring, hormones or antibiotics that aren’t for curative usage.

Animal’s respect and freedom

Moreover, the animal has welfare and the breeders respect higher breeding conditions. They give a great liberty to the animal, granting them access to large spaces.

Natural meats are Certified Humane Raised and Handled, a program created by Humane Farm Animal Care. This program was established to ensure the animal’s respect in all aspects and steps, from their birth to your plate, and even through slaughter. The HFAC people are there to inspect the facilities and conditions before applying the certification. You will then see the following stamp on natural meat products:

certified humane


Why are natural meats more tender?

If you have tasted natural meats before, you may have realized that it has more tenderness (as if a Maillard meat could be even more tender!) Why? Mainly because of the breeding conditions. 

Access to wide open spaces, animal respect, the fact that the animals are together, sometimes with their family, that they are not piled up only a few centimetres apart in a barn, etc. These are all factors that limit the stress of an animal. Because yes, animals also live stress.

So, with these less stressful conditions, the animals are more relaxed. This makes their meat more tender and, sometimes, it has fewer nerves and excellent flavour.



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