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What are the Different Pork Parts?


In our first part to explain the different meat cuts, we got through the beef parts. You can read this article or read it back.

Article: What are the different beef cuts?

In this second part, we will explore the pork cuts in detail.

The pork

Pork is a wonderful animal. Throughout the world, it is one of the most appreciated animals of a culinary aspect. We draw all kinds of food that we love. Bacon, ribs, ham, just to name a few. Let's see where they come from.

schema of the pork parts

1. Head

At first glance, it may seem disgusting to eat a whole pork head, but it’s very tasty, especially when roasted. The pork head also includes tasty cuts in parts, such as ears, tongue, snout, cheeks and jowls.

2. Blade Shoulder

The pork’s blade shoulder is pulled from the shoulder’s upper part and back. This is the meat lying around the spine in this section of the back. This pork cut is ideal for a successful and delicious pulled pork.

3. Loin

The pork loin is probably the part of the animal that’s the most wanted and used in cooking. Due to its high fat content, it’s one of the most tender meats. It’s used in countless recipes.

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4. Leg

Pork legs (which also includes the animal’s buttocks) are often used when talking about braised pork. It’s also used for ham and cutlets, among others.

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5. Picnic Shoulder

The picnic shoulder comes from the pork’s shoulder’s lower part, close to the chest. As the shoulder’s part of the pork’s leg, and he walks a lot on all fours, the picnic shoulder is very muscular. So, you can cook it longer for a better result.

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6. Sparerib

There is a difference to be made between the spareribs and the back ribs. Those on the side (spareribs) are longer, and have some meat in between the bones. Those on the back, pulled from the loin, are shorter, but have more meat that also surrounds bones.

7. Belly

Pork belly is from the animal’s belly and chest. This pork cut is surely the juiciest and most tender. This is where bacon and pancetta are produced.


8. Hock

Pork shanks or hocks are generally used in cooking dishes such as braised pork. Pulled from the legs, the hocks have a very thick rind, which makes it a very tasty meat.


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As you can see, pork is a more than interesting animal, with different meat cuts all more appetizing than each other. Now, all you have to do is try them.

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