5 Main Pros of Buying Your Meat Online

5 Main Pros of Buying Your Meat Online

Let’s face it, we are living a difficult period in the world right now, and no one, absolutely no one, could have predicted what would happen.

Interrupting school, canceling shows, banning public gatherings, and, moreover, closing all non-essential businesses, those are actions that threw a bucket of cold water, mainly financially speaking. But “it’s for the greater good”, according to some.

And although essential shops such as physical grocery stores remain open, a lot of people moved online for their basic products and service. This is also the case for meat.

If you are still not convinced it’s right for you, here are some major advantages that could improve your opinion about it.

Saving time

Naturally, physical grocery stores have limited opening hours, which equally limits customers to restricted shopping hours.

With online stores, you can purchase the stuff you want when you want; in the morning, the evening, afternoon, during your lunch break, even at 2 am on Sunday if you’d like. This helps you save lots of time, because you don’t have to go out on a driving stroll, losing some precious time arriving to destination. You only have to enter the website into the search bar, and here you go!

It’s also saving you time due to the fact that you don’t have to wait in line at the cash for minutes and minutes during rush hour.

Not going out

Whether you are a person with reduced mobility, or you don’t want to go out because of a health crisis, that you want to apply social distancing rules, or even if you’re just experiencing some laziness, online grocery stores or online butcher shops are there for you.

In addition, you don’t have to step a foot out. Maillard, for example, allows you to order in the comfort of your home and get your isothermal cooler box directly at your doorstep. 

Avoiding crowds

Let’s be honest, certain people are not well with crowds. And in the case of a pandemic, in which we have to respect social distancing, gatherings aren’t popular.

You’ll avoid parking issues as well. It is so not fun to drive around the parking lot for minutes, and finally ending up at the other end of it.

Nothing to carry

Sometimes, groceries can be heavy to carry yourself. One of the online shopping benefits is that the major part of the transportation is not your responsibility, but the driver’s (Maillard’s carrier in this case).

Less food waste

When you get your meat at the neighborhood’s butcher shop, it is often served to you in an inconvenient packaging; not frozen, not skin-packed, in a non-recyclable Styrofoam tray. 

At an online butcher shop, such as Maillard, you’ll experience the opposite. The items are packed sous-vide (skin-pack), in a recyclable isothermal box. Products are frozen, which can assure a better conservation, so less food waste.

Learn more about our freezing process and sous-vide in our article. Click here!

To conclude

Convinced? Take it to the next step and start shopping: en.maillard.co 

Not convinced? Contact us for all your questions!



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