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What is Skin Pack?

Those who order often or who have, at least, once ordered from Maillard, the online butcher shop, are well aware of our packaging. This is commonly called skin packaging. This process is one of the most renown and surely one of the most effective on the market. So why are we using skin packs for our meat products?

What is skin pack?

First off, what is a skin pack exactly? It is a vacuum sealed packaging method made with a malleable plastic film that marries the product’s shape. A quick vacuum effect then occurs so as to remove all the air contained in between the product and the plastic film.

Skin pack benefits

So, why do we use this packing process for our meats? Well, there are certainly a couple of benefits to it.

No air = no oxidation

The vacuum effect, as mentioned above, consists of sucking the air out. Then, there is absolutely no air under the plastic so that there is no oxidation at all and the meat remains intact for as long as you want. Beautiful colors and beautiful flavors.

Space saving

This seems innocuous, but the fact that plastic wrap perfectly matches the meat’s shape helps a lot to save room inside the freezer. No more big boxes that take up all the space.

More flavors

The packaging is so tight that the juice and the flavors remain within the meat. No marinade or sauce loss and the meat is juicier.

Easy open

Of course, the plastic film is very tight on the product, but you will not struggle to open it. Thanks to our Easy Peel system, you’ll just have to pull the plastic from the lower corner provided for this purpose.

What is our skin pack freezing process?

It’s not just our packaging that has benefits; our fast-freezing process also has some. Maillard’s meat stays frozen until you cook it. And for freezing, we use the flash freeze method.

Flash freezing

Flash freezing is a fast food freezing process that consists of getting them from fresh to completely frozen in a matter of minutes to an hour with extraordinary cold temperatures in a controlled environment. Temperatures can range from -18°C to about -190°C. This flash freezing is done immediately after the packing.

No ice flavors

When you freeze food at home, with a regular freezer, the freezing process is very slow. This causes water molecules to expand and freeze as well (so there is just more water inside the meat). This is why your home-frozen meat might have a little taste of ice. But during flash freezing, water molecules don’t have the time to expand and are therefore very thin inside the meat. So, it won’t taste like ice.

Avoids food waste 

Since there’s no oxidation and the fact that your meat will almost never taste like ice, the shelf life is much longer. This helps eliminate food waste little by little.

Caution! Do not refreeze a thawed meat

You should never refreeze food that has been previously thawed, as this increases the number of bacteria on the product. Moreover, this will alter the flavors.

It's best to thaw your meat, cook it - killing the bacteria - and refreeze it afterwards.

Be sure to read our article about the 3 ways to defrost a meat!

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Here you are now informed about the skin packaging and our flash freezing process. For any other question about our packaging, don’t hesitate and contact us at

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