6 TV Shows to Please Your Inner Foodie

6 TV Shows to Please Your Inner Foodie

When you are stuck home, that you can’t go anywhere, in the case of a quarantine for example, it can be easy to be bored. You sleep, you get up, you walk in circles, you watch the same news all day… This can be long.

Then, you could make the most out of it and cook by trying new recipes – check out our recipes by clicking here! Or you can also satisfy your inner foodie by watching culinary TV shows. 

And actually, we thought we could help by suggesting some great binge-worthy shows and docuseries that’ll bring your daily screen food dosage in streaming.

Chef’s Table

Where to watch: Netflix

Chef’s Table is a documentary series presenting inspiring chefs around the globe, their story, their techniques, etc. All this accompanied by some amazing and exotic footage.

Ugly Delicious

Where to watch: Netflix

Ugly Delicious is the docuseries by David Chang, entrepreneurial chef of New York restaurant Momofuku. He travels, he introduces us to his favorite ingredients, his friends, and extraordinary meals.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Where to watch: Netflix

Salt Fat Acid Heat comes from best-selling author Samin Nosrat and is inspired by her book of the same title. She travels the world looking for the best flavours, pulled from four main elements; salt, fat, acid and heat. 


Where to watch: Netflix

Hosted by food writer Michael Pollan, Cooked is a mini-docuseries in four parts. They show mainly the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) always related to food and authentic cooking tradition.

Hell’s Kitchen 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Whether you’re a fan of Gordon Ramsay or not, Hell’s Kitchen is pretty interesting culinary competition to watch. Ramsay certainly shows his criticism and his harsh personality, but that’s what makes a good TV show.

Binging with Babish

Where to watch: YouTube

Get away from the television and get yourself on YouTube. Binging with Babish suggests easy-to-watch videos, giving you some great recipe ideas along the way. And what’s really fun is his signature; recipes inspired by movies and series.

To conclude 

These shows are so good that you might struggle getting out of the house, even when you can.

Obviously, there are tons of food shows out there and lots of them should have deserved a place on this list, but we couldn’t name them all. 

Which one would you add to the list?



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