Maillard 1913 Selection Box

$175.00 / coffret

We, at Maillard, are passionate about superior flavour and offer you the crème de la crème of high quality meats. The 1913 Selection Box is for food lovers, and those who appreciate superior grade products, exceptional tenderness and unrivalled flavour. This box offers exceptional meat cuts that will go perfectly with your most sophisticated culinary preparations.

approx. 10 portions / box
approx. $17.00 / portion

The box includes:

  • 2 Selection 1913 filet mignon
  • 2 Selection 1913 ribeye steak
  • 2 Selection 1913 striploin
  • 1 Selection 1913 prime rib

***Depending on our inventory, the box content is highly subject to change. We also change the content from time to time.