soup with duck topping

Our Best Maillard Soup Recipes

Is there something more comforting than a good and hot soup during cold seasons? Whether it's after a long apple picking day during the fall, or to warm yourself up after shovelling snow in the winter, a soup will do a world of good to anyone.

Are you in need of amazing soup recipes? Well, Maillard has got you covered. Here are our better soup recipes, that'll bring happiness and serenity to your gullet.

tomato soup with beef

Tuscan Soup with Beef, Vegetables and Red Ale Beer

With a nice Italian touch and taste, this soup recipe is everything you need this winter. And with the delicious Maillard beef, it's good enough for a whole meal.

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carrot soup with duck topping

Carrot and Ginger Soup with Duck Topping

Perfect for the holidays, this soup recipe will have you smiling at each and every spoonful you take. For an extra meaty taste, add some duck topping to it.

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green meatball soup

Lamb Meatballs Soup

If you hesitate between a meatball stew and a soup, there is your compromise! A joyful mix of both will satisfy everybody and every taste buds. A lot of greens are what you need to feel healthy.

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soup with duck meat

Duck Confit Soup with Brussels Sprouts and Cheddar

Yet another duck soup (not a Marx Brothers movie) recipe, because it is just so good! Are you crazy for duck confit's delightful taste? You are served!

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