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5 Myths About Online Grocery Shopping Debunked

Some time ago, the CEFRIO (Centre facilitant la recherche et l’innovation dans les organisations – French for Digital Culture Accelerator in Businesses and Organizations) published a large study demonstrating an overview of food e-commerce in Quebec. 

In this study, they even mentioned the case of Maillard, the online butcher shop. 

If not already done, we suggest you read our article on that matter:

Article - Portrait of Maillard in a new study on food e-commerce

Why don’t you buy online?

In this same CEFRIO study, the five different reasons that explain why online shoppers did not buy online food products were described. Here they are:

five main reasons why shoppers did not buy onlineSource: cefrio.qc.ca (translated from French)

We, at Maillard, think these are myths. So, let’s debunk them. 

‘’Prefer to have the opportunity to choose their products’’

If you want to choose your products yourself, we totally understand. But keep in mind that we are consumers too and we put ourselves in your shoes. We choose the items carefully and place them in the box, as if we choose them for ourselves.

‘’No perceived benefits to online food shopping’’ 

For this statement, we could simply respond by showing you the "main reasons that motivate consumers to buy food online," according to the CEFRIO study.

main reasons motivating to buy onlineSource: cefrio.qc.ca (translated from French)
‘’Doubt that the person responsible for packaging chooses good-looking products’’

Again, we select the products as if the order was for us or our family. If the item is not suitable (loss of skin-pack, inappropriate weight, etc.), we aren’t using it for the order. 

‘’Do not wish to be at home to receive delivery’’

Sometimes it can be tedious to wait for a home delivery. People sometimes do not have the choice to stay at home all day to receive the order, because if they are not present, the carrier will not make the delivery.

We palliate this obstacle, because even if there is no one, our carrier will still leave the box and you will have a nice surprise when coming back from work.

If many are worried that the cooler box will be in front of the door unattended, know that you can add a note to tell the driver to leave the order in a particular and safe place, at your convenience. 

‘’Fear that food is not kept at an adequate temperature during delivery’’

From the freezing process to the shipping, our products are kept in freezers kept at a temperature of about -20°C, which ensures that they will remain frozen.

When we prepare your order for delivery, we pack it with dry ice and close it as tightly as possible. This dry ice has a temperature of -78°C. So, you can imagine that it will go a long way in keeping meat cold.

In addition, our cooler boxes have been proven to keep the meat completely frozen for up to 30 hours under all conditions, even a heat wave. 



In conclusion

That should comfort a lot of people! There are ultimately only benefits in making your food purchases online.

So, don’t wait and discover them too. Shop now at www.maillard.co.




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