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5 Ways to Maintain Your Barbecue and Keep it Clean for a Long Time

Enjoying the summer? To enjoy it, what’s better than turning the barbecue on and cooking some marvelous meat pieces on the grill?

However, by using it, your barbecue gets dirty. The food remains accumulate and could damage it and alter its performance and, obviously, its appearance. Then, let us give you some tips below to properly maintain your barbecue and keep it long and clean. Enjoy the reading!

1. How to clean the grate

To get rid of burnt food remains, preheat your barbecue to its peak. This should help easily scrape the grate and get everything off. Get yourself a good barbecue brush with firm bristles, and clean it to keep it for a long time as well.

Finally, it’s good to make a deep cleaning about once or twice during the year. You could use one of these methods; dishwasher, the dishwashing soap alone, baking soda or white vinegar.

2. Don’t get rid of burnt food after cooking

Some of you may want to clean the grate immediately after you’ve cooked your dinner, but you’re wrong. Actually, you could benefit of leaving those remains in place until your next grilling. The carbonized food remains act here like a protector especially against rust.

3. Get a barbecue cover

In order to protect your barbecue grill well, we recommend you purchase a good barbecue cover, which will counter rust’s negative effects and any other bad weather conditions, especially if you leave your barbecue outside, even during the winter.

4. Clean the bottom

Once in a while, about once or twice a year, it is good to deep clean your barbecue. And when we talk about deep, we talk about scrubbing the bottom of the grill. Get everything out (grates, burners, etc.) and scour. Get rid of every burnt food remains which could alter the burners performance, and give your body and soul to this task.

5. Check the leaks

If you have a gas barbecue, we recommend you check for gas leaks once in a while. It’s a matter of performance, but also safety.

In order to do so, open the valve and spray some soapy water everywhere along the propane bottle and the pipes and check. If bubbles form, there is a leak.



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