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4 Reasons Why You Need a Maillard Subscription

If you browsed our website, you may have seen our delicious products and our appetizing recipes. But we also have another exceptional service; Maillard subscriptions.

These subscriptions are an unmatched service for every Maillard fan and every meat lover. Let us prove it to you. Here are 4 reasons why you absolutely need a Maillard subscription!

1. Simplicity

Joining a Maillard subscription is like going to your butcher shop without actually having to set the foot inside. You won’t have to order, we’ll prepare it for you, spontaneously, according to your desired shipping frequency.

2. The best cuts

Subscribing to this service, you’ll gain access to the best cuts of meat. We build the boxes according to the season, the product availability and, sometimes, your preferences.

3. Competitive pricing

Maillard guarantees the best price on the market for quality meat cuts. Our prices strongly compete with grocery stores and supermarkets and, in addition, our meats' quality is higher than the ones in these institutions. Maillard guarantees you the best quality at a fraction of the price.

4. There is a subscription for you

At the moment, our subscriptions offer includes 4 varieties; natural meats, family subscription, premium cuts and one for athletes. Surely, there is one for you.

How it works

  • Choose your subscription.
  • Select your shipping frequency.
  • Enter the number of people.
  • Add to cart.

And you get your box according to your frequency, without having to think about it.


Consult the subscriptions here >> 




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