Maillard Eat Local Box

$150.00 / coffret

You care about what you eat? Us too. For several years, we have been encouraged to consume local product, and it's even more true this year. And now, it's possible, even with the meat you eat. The Maillard Eat Local box offers exceptional quality meats coming from proud and passionate Quebec and Canadian farmers and breeders. 

approx. 15 portions / box
approx. $10 / portion

Examples of what your box may contain: 

***Depending on our inventory, the box content is highly subject to change. We also change the content from time to time.

  • Quebec chicken breasts
  • Nagano pork chops from Dunham
  • Maplewood smoked bacon made with Quebec pork
  • Boeuf Quebec bavettes
  • Boeuf Quebec Manhattan striploins
  • Canadian beef steaks
  • Quebec Northern shrimps