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Atlantic Salmon
À partir de $5.50 / paquet

Atlantic Salmon

Fish and Seafood  |  30.00 $ / KG

This Atlantic salmon offers deliciousness in taste, firmness and elasticity in texture, and your necessary omega-3 intake! Moreover, it is ASC Cert...

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Quebec Nordic Shrimp (125/175)
Québec Product
$18.00 / paquet

Quebec Nordic Shrimp (125/175)

Fish and Seafood  |  1 x 454 g

Our Quebec Nordic shrimp are already seasoned, cooked and peeled, which is so convenient. Just thaw, open the bag and start tasting them without ho...

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trout fillet
À partir de $5.25 / paquet

Rainbow Trout Fillet

Fish and Seafood  |  30,35 $ / kg

Without any additives, our rainbow trout fillet is mild, with a delicate, nut-like flavour. The flesh is tender, flaky and soft. When the meat is ...

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cod loin
$7.00 / paquet

Wild Atlantic Cod Loin

Fish and Seafood  |  32,35 $ / Kg

This wild Atlantic cod loin comes from the thick part of the fillet, making it fleshy and tasty. Ideal cut for a nice fish and chips, or cook it i...

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