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Why It’s Good to Eat Steak for Breakfast

For a lot of people, daily diet is pretty much a coffee or two in the morning, a cold sandwich for lunch and a steak for dinner – obviously, it’s just generally speaking. 

But why not invert it all? What? Eat a steak for breakfast? Yup, you figured it out! Although very surprising, a steak or any other meat could be the perfect option when you wake up in the morning.


Gives you energy

A steak, or any meat, has an excellent protein intake, which gives you energy to kickstart the day well! 

Cuts hunger

With its high dose of proteins and calories, a steak fills your belly and paunch and gives you a feeling of satiety. On the contrary, if you eat less for breakfast and lunch, you might easily fall for the not-so-healthy snacks.

Red meat = vitamins

Red meat seems to be the enemy in the last few years, but it’s actually a great friend for our health. It’s rich in vitamins and nutrients. In fact, it contains vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamins B6 and B12, iron and zinc.

And more, if you like your steak rare or medium rare, note that it will contain a higher amount of B6.

Weight loss?

No strong evidence of it has been really reported, but it’s said that eating a steak or any proteins for breakfast would be affiliated with a loss of weight. It’s because these proteins boost our body metabolism and contributes in burning calories fast.

And if we eat proteins in the morning, that makes us avoid the sugary cereals or evil pastries.

Can we really lose weight by eating meat first thing in the morning? Honestly, we love to believe so, yes!



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