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6 Perfect Conditions for a Successful Barbecue

Warm weather starts to install itself. Winter’s been long and we’ve all been impatient to see summer and even spring again. So, we can finally smile. And who says ‘’summer’’ also says ‘’barbecue season’’!

If you’re like us, a die-hard BBQ fan, you’ll surely have some of your own tips when it comes to grilling a good meat during sunny days. But you could benefit as well of some more tricks in order to assure a perfect BBQ party. Family and friends will thank you to organise such amazing events. Here are our 6 ideal conditions for a successful barbecue!

Good weather

Obviously, the first factor is to have a nice day with a nice weather. Sure, we unfortunately have no control over it, but we can control the day on which we hold the event. Take a look at different weather sources; Weather Network, Environment Canada, AccuWeather app, your grandfather’s knee that hurts before rain, etc.

Music for atmosphere

There is nothing worse than a barbecue that doesn’t ‘’raise’’. To have a good atmosphere, put the music up, something that make people move.

Good hygiene

Please wash your hands! Personal hygiene is an essential thing, especially when you manipulate food. So, take the time to wash them good and deep. Scrub them and use soap. Thank you!

Enough gas

Did it ever happen to you to start the dinner on the barbecue and then realize you have to go back to the store halfway because of your empty propane bottle? So frustrating! Prevent this by buying a second one.

The right side dishes

For a good barbecue, you need side dishes as well. Quality ones that’ll complete your plate and also add some color to it. Go with fresh, green… vegetables, or even fruits.

Some examples; for a non-marinated steak (or seasoned with only salt and pepper), opt for a green or Caesar salad. For marinated beef, add some fine herbs potatoes. And for spicy chicken, our choice is pico de gallo.



Perfect meat

And the piece de resistance is food! No food, no barbecue! Take these following tips to make your friends salivate.

1. Preheat BBQ

It is so important to preheat your BBQ grill before cooking anything on it. Don’t start grilling cold. Why? For two main reasons. First, starting to cook when it’s hot avoids your meat to stick to the grill, which can be frustrating, because you lose some parts. Also, you’ll considerably lose flavours, because when you start cold, you won’t get the desired grill marks. And those marks are important for the flavours, as they reflect caramelization and this awesome smoky taste.

2. The good tools

When it comes to cooking on barbecue, you have to have these tools:

Brush – To clean last night’s dinner leftovers. 

Meat thermometer – Investing in a good meat thermometer is worth it, to assure that your meat has the perfect internal temperature.

Spatula or tongs with silicone – To turn your steaks. Why not use metal tongs? Simply because the metal ones are sharp and can burst into the meat. Then, you lose flavour and juice.

3. Choose your meat wisely

You shouldn’t be satisfied with grocery store low quality steaks anymore. Go with a good marbling, that is to say the white fat on a meat. Don’t be afraid, because this kind of fat, that melts when you cook it, is an essential fat for your health and it brings more flavour and more tenderness.

4. Season before grilling

Certain people season after the meat is cooked, but it’s a mistake. You need to season before you grill. That way, seasonings enter the meat and it becomes even more tasty. For marinades, marinate 24 hours before grilling.

5. Temper

You should always let your meat sit for a couple of minutes before you cook it. Don’t put it on the grill immediately after getting it out of the refrigerator. Give it time to temper for a uniform cooking (outside and inside the meat).

6. Close the lid

We know you’re a good chef, but let your barbecue work. If you always open the lid to check if your meat is okay, it makes the BBQ temperature drop and your grilling is automatically affected.

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