Fish and Seafood

At Maillard, we offer the best quality meats, so when we decide to provide our customers with new products, we provide quality as well. Our fish and seafood remarkably delicious, fleshy and tender.

cod loin
$7.00 / paquet

Wild Atlantic Cod Loin

Fish and Seafood  |  32,35 $ / Kg

This wild Atlantic cod loin comes from the thick part of the fillet, making it fleshy and tasty. Ideal cut for a nice fish and chips, or cook it i...

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Quebec Nordic Shrimp (125/175)
Québec Product
$18.00 / paquet

Quebec Nordic Shrimp (125/175)

Fish and Seafood  |  1 x 454 g

Our Quebec Nordic shrimp are already seasoned, cooked and peeled, which is so convenient. Just thaw, open the bag and start tasting them without ho...

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