FC Trois Lacs Fundraising Program

  Get 15% off your first order, and help your team raise money!

In order to help FC Trois Lacs Soccer Club raise funds for various activities, Maillard offers its Fundraising Program. So shop now through our exceptional quality meats and Maillard will share a percentage of the profit to FC Trois Lacs.

How it works?


Browse through our online butcher shop and purchase the best meats there are. Exceptional quality, fast shipping, best price. Plus, you get a 15% OFF your first order of $100 or more.
 Use code FC3L15 at checkout. 

Help your team

After you make a purchase on our website, a share of the profit goes to FC Trois Lacs Soccer Club.

Enjoy the best meats

You've done your part. Now sit back and enjoy the best quality meat cuts and a happy child playing soccer.