13 Perfect Gift Ideas for Meat Lovers

13 Perfect Gift Ideas for Meat Lovers

The holidays are fast approaching. It's an opportunity to show your friends and family how much you love them. This can be by small gestures, and that can also be by offering them a gift that they will love for sure.

On your list, there might be some meat lovers. We got you covered and we suggest some gift ideas for these foodies. Here are 13 perfect ideas to spoil them!

meat lover gift ideas

1. Holiday Gift Box

Do you want to win the holidays? Be sure to do so by offering the best gift to a meat lover: the Maillard Holiday Gift Box. This box is full of exceptional quality meats that will melt the heart of the one who receives it. Our BBQ ribs are saucy, the steaks taste just like paradise, our duck foie gras will provide that little special to any meal and our new lamb chops are seasoned with an unbelievable herbs and mustard flavour. Win the holidays, offer Maillard! 

2. Holiday Table Box

Do you have your family and friends over during the holidays? Offer them something else than the traditional holiday dinner they're used to. Arise like a genius to their eyes and cook a Maillard meal. Our brand new fully cooked pork loins will satisfy anyone. Plus, you will save time as you only have to warm them up for 10-15 minutes. You could also enjoy superbly tasty lamb chops, duck legs and a nice beef chuck roast.

3. Deluxe Holiday Table Box

Get ready to have the most amazing and yummy holidays you'll ever have. With Maillard Deluxe Holiday Table Box, you will receive your guests like no one. They will love (and you will too) the new and juicy 11 lbs Levitts Whole Turkey, naturally smoked with maple wood. Add a little extra taste to your dinner with a delicious duck foie gras, 4 fall-off-the-bone lamb shanks and one oh-so-tender AAA Cowboy Beef Ribeye. With all this, they will ask you to host next year too. Happy holidays!

meat lover gift ideas

4. Premium Cuts Subscription

You want to spoil a premium meat lover for a whole year or more? Go with the Maillard Premium Cuts Subscription. A subscription is perfect for those who do not want to rack their brains. With Maillard subscriptions, no need to place an order, your friend (or you) will receive his box every month, 2 months or 3 months, depending on the frequency you choose.

Your box will be filled with premium cuts of meat including chicken, pork, veal and beef with the best grades of beef; Prime and AAA. The Premium Cuts Subscription is a steak house delivered each month. 


5. Maillard Game Night Box

We consider it inconceivable to watch a hockey or football game without eating something, whether it be a dinner or even a snack. What do your favorite sports fans eat? Soft fries? Boring pizza? Raw vegetables? Come on!

Feed them as they should and offer them the Maillard Game Night Box. This box includes BBQ smoked ribs, juicy sausages and, of course, tasty chicken wings.


6. All Natural Meats Subscription

Are the people to whom you give - it can be yourself - concerned about what they eat and where their ingredients come from? If this is the case, you could offer them a Maillard All Natural Meats Subscription. 

This box, delivered home every month without having to worry about it, is filled with pieces of natural meat, certified Humane, without hormones and antibiotic-free.

Learn more about natural meats:

Article - What is a natural meat?


meat lover gift ideas

7. Discovery Box

Are you tempted to try or to offer the wide range of products from our online butcher shop, but not sure where to start? Your solution is the Maillard Discovery Box, a selection of 30 servings of beef, chicken and pork at a low price.


8. Sports Subscription

Do you have to make a gift to an athlete? Whether amateur, professional or elite: a good diet is essential to success. Because we can enjoy meat while having a strict daily diet, Maillard offers this subscription made for athletes and diets low in fat and high in protein.

By receiving our box every month, without having to think about it, you will have at your fingertips a simple, practical and fast solution to adapt your menus with lean or extra lean meats, portioned and particularly adapted to the training diets.


meat lover gift ideas

9. All Natural Box

Because we know that it’s important to eat well, and to eat healthy foods, we offer you the All Natural Box. This is about the same content as the subscription of the same name, but without commitment. 


10. Family Subscription

Are you or your family always looking for ideas to feast the family all week long? Maillard takes care of it! Every month or two, receive a box containing quality meat products to feed young and old. 


11. Selection 1913 Box

With the Selection 1913 Box, offer meat’s best of the best as a gift. Prime or AAA beef, aged meats, exceptional cuts like juicy tenderloins, you'll be sure to win Christmas this year.


meat lover gift ideas

12. Maillard Gift Card

Not sure what to give to that person on your list? Go with the Maillard Gift Card. The person who will receive it will certainly find something on our online butcher shop that will please him or her. 


13. BBQ Box

Yeah it may be winter, but you could still offer him or her the Maillard BBQ Box. Real foodies and real barbecue fans can grill all year long.


Maillard, online butcher shop

You could also offer your loved ones individual pieces of exceptional quality meat. Our online butcher shop includes beef, chicken, pork, duck, veal and lamb products.

Visit now on www.maillard.co

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